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Payroll Services : Web techno Creation

HR can partner with Payroll to ensure benefit plans remain within budget and deductions are accurately calculated to avoid costly fines. If benefit plans become too expensive, Payroll can assist with projecting future costs and help HR make adjustments to what the organization offers.

Payroll Services : Designed For Your Business

  • System maintenance, including the review, testing and implementation of HR system upgrades
  • Facilitating human resources processes
  • Resolving benefits related problems
  • Ensuring the effective utilization of plans related to HR programs and services
  • Assisting with new employee hiring processes
  • Conducting audits of payroll, benefits, and other HR programs, and recommending corrective actions
  • Responsible for coordination efforts between payroll, human resources, budget and other departments to ensure proper flow and maintenance of employee data
  • Review and ensure accuracy of approved timesheets; track and deduct all garnishments and other special payroll deductions

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